GBC Mission Statement

Our mission is to exalt Jesus Christ and edify
His church by intentionally encountering and 
evangelizing unbelievers and
deliberately enlisting and equipping Believers to
live, worship, and serve biblically.

Gilead Baptist Church has a glorious history and an even brighter future. For fifty-two years Gilead has sought to live up to its motto of being "Founded On The Word and Focused On The World."

Because Gilead is founded on the truths of God's unchanging Word, the church still stands for the same things it did at its inception.

Because Gilead is focused on the world, it has sent many of its members to the uttermost parts of the earth to proclaim these truths.

I am honored to be associated with Gilead's glorious past and to be entrusted with the sacred task of leading Gilead into its even brighter future. I am excited about growing with my Gilead church family.

In this website you will become familiar with the ministries of our church. If you are not already a part of our family, on behalf of our entire membership, I invite you to come and grow with us at Gilead.


Pastor J. Craig Holmes

  Psalm 71:17,18